Thoughts Roundup 8/22/22 — Chocolate Black Tea, Re-Living Thing, Bel Air, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

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Have you ever been asked “why are you like this?”

I haven’t because I’m a rather normal individual who no one questions. But let’s say…hypothetically I have been asked that multiple times. And hypothetically I’ve wondered “jokes aside, why AM I like this?”

So perhaps I researched how much of personality is genetics vs. nurtured. There are studies that suggest that twins raised both together and apart tend to have similar personalities vs. siblings who aren’t twins. But research also shows that personalities tend to constantly change over time as a reflection of life lessons.

One thing I’ve been “called out” on throughout my life is the aspect of my personality that doesn’t exactly ”fight” to keep people involved in my life. Recently one of my family members ranted to my mother about that. I get it, I don’t really fight for a relationship with that family member. It could be a fucked up aspect of myself. But in my defense, there are incidents that could have caused this within me.

For example, when I was a child — as a joke — one of my older brothers boiled water and poured it into a cup and told me to drink it immediately. Trusting my older brother, I did just that. According to my mom, I had to be rushed to the hospital and suffered burns on my face.

Perhaps “trusting people” especially “trusting family” might have been lowered as a priority in my brain after that. There are many incidents where I suffered abuse from my older brother where certain family blamed me in the end. It always made me feel uneasy around certain family. Even today, if I go around those family members…I feel like a stranger in another family’s home.

I used to want to gain their approval. Over time, that want turned into a legitimate “who cares?”

Perhaps things like that formed my personality. Or I’m just looking for an excuse to not do the work to mend relationships with people I perceived as harmful to me and I’m lazy.

Who knows. Who cares.


Harney & Sons Chocolate Tea

While I approved of the Mint Chocolate, the regular chocolate flavored Harney & Sons Black Tea is ass to ya boy. It’s drinkable, but man, it takes like diluted chocolate in warm water. Meh.


Bel Air

I did not have high expectations for “what if Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a serious drama show” but even then, I found this show to be disappointing.

I think what made it a letdown is that it had promise and started off in my opinion surprisingly pretty well. But as drama constantly unnaturally unfolds and the plot showed to be some type of white man’s black upper-class American fantasy, the magic ran out rather quickly and I just wanted this show to be over.

I wasn’t looking for ~representation~ in Bel Air, but I also certainly wasn’t looking for plot aspects such as: Will Smith’s friend implies he “forgot about the hood” because he’s enjoying his life outside jail in Bel Air so he throws a tantrum and goes home. Don’t even get me started on the empty defund the police storyline. Boring.


Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

These reviews are pretty negative so far, and boy they will continue with this game.

I was slightly disappointed with Pokémon Sword & Shield because those games are so empty and lacking in content and I was almost certain that if they did a remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with the same engine and updated technology it would be a pretty good game because we know those older games are certainly not lacking in content.

I was wrong. What we did get is a game so easy that I think I legitimately fell asleep multiple times while playing it. A game that somehow removed content from the older games. And a game that might be one of the worst ones in the Pokémon series.

You might argue that it appears to be so easy because I’m older now than when I played Diamond and Pearl but not quite. I played Pokémon Platinum within the past 4 years actually. It was not so easy I could close my eyes and press buttons and win like I could with this game.

I have yet to truly dive into Pokémon Arceus that came out around the same time as this game, and I understand this game has a separate team, but if the next big entry into the series is lackluster, the magic in the Pokémon franchise might just be dead for folks like me for good.


Re-Living Thing (2009)

Favorite Tracks: Stay This Way

You know an indie band I like? Peter Bjorn and John. Amsterdam by them is a banger, and I love the album they made that sounds like a B side to The Little Mermaid’s soundtrack.

So when Mick Boogie made a hip hop remix album out of their album Living Thing called Re-Living Thing, I had to check it out!

Overall, a mixed bag. Stay This Way produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff himself is easily the best song on here, a song about relatable nostalgia and stress from reaching adulthood. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the end of Chaundon’s verse:

Wishin’ I could turn back the hands /
Or at least five minutes before I became a man /
Cause as a kid I had fun everyday /
As a grown up all I got is bills to pay

Outside of that, there’s not much I come back to. Though I have a soft spot for It Don’t Move Me, which features Kardinal Offishall, Donnis, and Henok Achido, definitely rappers I have no business remembering.

Thanks for reading as always!



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