The Boys Thoughts

NOTE: This contains A LOT of spoilers and references sexual assault. Continue at your own risk.

Earlier this year, I discussed the premise of a superhero show where the heroes aren’t public servants, but narcissist self-serving assholes who relish far too much in having power. Basically, US politicians, but with super powers!

I was quickly informed that something of this nature exists, and it’s called The Boys!

There’s clearly a girl in this picture but okay

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’ve probably noticed the absolute dominant prevalence of Super Hero movies in the past decade or so. I don’t want to get into the intent of these movies, but you’ve probably also noticed the ginormous marketing, monetization, and rabid fan bases of these movies — or characters also.

There’s no problem with this fanaticism compared to any other media, but sometimes, the tweets worry me.

I feel seen by movie that was extremely polled

This is relevant cause I think a premise like The Boys is a good thing. People blindly idolize super heroes with questionable politics and I don’t know…I think to an extent it can be a problem. Especially when we know a company like Disney is involved politically and on the brink of owning every media ever created at this point. It’s actually a little scary.

Anyway, tweets and MCU dominance and worship aside, here’s a bunch of loose thoughts I had while watching The Boys:

That’s all for my thoughts. I know it seems like I hated it, but I didn’t. It was a mostly fun watch. But the writing is terrible and the premise and broad concepts carried the entire show, in my opinion. Despite all my ranting, I’ll watch Season 2 of The Boys whenever that comes out.

Thanks for reading.



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