Thoughts Round-Up 9/14/22 Coconut/Ginger/Vanilla Green Tea, Yellow Tape, Octopath Traveler, The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

This article is part of my weekly write up series where I give my thoughts on at least four things, usually a combo of tea, television, video games, and music. The beginning section usually has more general scattered thoughts. Feel free to skip past it to read thoughts on the specific items listed above.

Previous issue: 09/08/22

Recently in America, we’ve seen another wave of the FBI’s war on civil rights organizations. In the past, many black civil rights activists were accused of being foreign agents or working with other countries, because who could fathom black people in America would be critical and outspoken against the conditions they face in this country?

I also saw an article claiming that many black voices of dissent on twitter are secretly “russian bots.” I’ve been called that myself for questioning the United States instigating the war in Ukraine for literally decades and flooding an unstable region with billions of dollars in weapons.

It’s always funny to me when people suggest another country told a black person in America how to feel about a country that murders black people in broad daylight and to this day continues to pillage and bomb African countries with no hesitation. It’s even funnier and weirder when I see black people who espouse these bogus traitor claims. [Who hurt you voice] Who colonized you?

Stay vigilant, my friends. This is only the beginning. The Black Identity Extremist FBI classification exists for a reason.

Tea — Harney & Sons Green Tea with Ginger, Coconut, & Vanilla

Pretty good tea! Very soothing as you’d expect from a green tea with ginger added, I’ve been going to this lately when I can’t think of any specific tea I want. It’s turning out to be a pretty safe option.

Video Game — Octopath Traveler

I kinda wonder if my gripes with this game are legitimate or perhaps certain aspects of this game just aren’t for me. Octopath is definitely targeted at people who enjoyed old school Final Fantasy JRPGs as evidenced by its early SNES-era sprite style and side-view battle system, which doesn't necessarily describe me, but my issues with the game aren’t exactly that.

For the record, I think overall it’s a decent game. The battle system is certain a twist on the the typical square RPG turn-based system, but I did find myself eventually wanting a bit more from it.

Certain paths’ stories nearly put me to sleep. The story of the trafficked dancer girl who kills her exploitative pimp? Exciting. Riveting. Interesting.

The story of the generic healer priestess girl who goes on an insanely wordy and pointless ~spiritual journey~? I’d say “kill me” but unfortunately I fell asleep before I could.

The story telling between each character is very inconsistent and honestly not very cohesive and I imagine that’s intended by design as I mentioned earlier with this game paying homage to older JRPGs. Between that and the grinding I felt was a bit much at times, an overall rather inconsistent experience that makes me wonder how much I’d like Octopath Traveler 2.

Music — Key Glock — Yellow Tape

Favorite Tracks: Word on the Streets, Look At They Face, Flyest Highest Coolest Smoothest

Rest in peace Young Dolph. His protégé and nephew Key Glock lives on.

Key Glock being Dolph’s protégé is really apparent when you listen to his flow, it’s almost identical except he seems to rap more on-beat and energized than his teacher. Yellow Tape is a project by him I like to go back to a lot, it has a lot of powerful and catchy bass tracks like Word on the Streets and even a song with one of the most random samples I’ve ever seen: Flyest Highest Coolest Smoothest which samples a theme from the video game title Assassin’s Creed 2.

TV — The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The anime industry is filled with generic isekai genre animes lately, but they aren’t ALL bad. For those who don’t know, isekai means “other world.” So basically, animes where a character ends up in another world that functions similar to our world. A popular (and bad show) example is Sword Art Online, where the main character was in a virtual world that he couldn’t escape.

So as you can guess from the title of The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat, we’re dealing with an isekai.

And it fucking sucks.

I’m not sure why I started watching this show or why I finished it. There were a lot of red flags. For example: the creator’s other works. Specifically Redo Of A Healer, a revenge story about a healer character who is tortured and abused physically and sexually by his party members who suddenly gains the power to rewind time and goes back …does the same to them. Not a well-written story or premise by any means.

So with that red flag there, I persisted and watched this shit by the same creator anyway.

It started out fine! I actually liked the premise of this one! An opening episode with an old man assassin who ends up getting killed by the organization who fed him targets. Then he asks a goddess to allow him to be reborn in another world as an assassin and in return, she asks him to kill the Hero of that world, who apparently eventually becomes power corrupted and evil.


But eventually it gets a bit weird. The main character is reborn as a baby and we get a time skip to where he’s suddenly a young teenager. Normal. Not too weird.

But then he rescues a poor and skinny girl and asks her to work for him as his assistant. He then has an inner monologue about how he’s taking advantage of a poor girl in order to achieve his goal. A little weird…


And then a time-skip happens and she grows huge breasts and she asks to sleep with the main character who I’ll remind you, is actually an old man reborn into a young body. Pretty fucking weird!

It doesn’t stop there, as the show progresses, he recruits more exploited young girls and even romances one of them. Call the police!

Avoid avoid! Yikes!

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